Ennis Community College

What Our Clients Say

   We've got a bright, modern canteen thanks to The School Food Company. We couldn't be happier with the food and the service. - John Cooke, Principal

Our brief was to put in a cafe style area that would appeal to students and teachers. The school had a very basic kitchen with an old fashioned serving hatch.

We removed the old wooden hatch and put in a modern service counter. We replaced the existing floor covering with walnut flooring and ceramic tiling. The new flooring is much easier to keep clean and it reflects more natural light. The whole area now looks more open and bright.

We chose bright, funky colours for the walls and seating. This gives the impression of a modern cafe where students can relax and chat with friends.

We built a low wall to act as a queuing system. This wall separates the service and seating area which again helps to improve the whole dining experience.

The feedback from staff and students has been very positive. We took a dull school hall and transformed it into a trendy dining area.

This was one of our first canteens and helped begin the idea of our School Food Revolution. Thanks guys!